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potential partners.

Synerket is like LinkedIn for business partnerships. Find and connect with the companies in your industry in just a few taps. Start collaboration that matters today.

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Find the right collaborations.

From promoting your products, building your social media presence, and hosting events Synerket is full of ways to collaborate with others. Collaborate and win the audience of your complementing businesses!

smart colllaborations

Decide based
on the data.

No more slogging through spreadsheets or missing out on opportunities. Synerket keeps track of the collaborations for you so that you can stay focused on the action items only.

My client told me about Synerket when I was in contact with handsful of marketing agencies to expand my business. I can't believe how many new partnerships I made with Synerket! It outperformed my expectations.

Olive Maeni
Owner at PetPura

70% of my give-away samples were distributed through collaboration projects from Synerket.
The outcome? As good as I could imagine!

Jennifer Liung
Senior marketing manager at Miroshacare

Synerket helped us double our instagram followers in a month. It identified complementary businesses that we were not aware of before and connected us with them very efficiently.

Brandon Gardner
Founder of Fitness303

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