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powerful networks

Join the strong partner networks.

Synerket is like LinkedIn for business partnerships. Find and connect with the companies in your industry in just a few taps. Start collaboration that matters today.

dynamic partnership

Find the right collaborations.

From hosting webinars, writing up case studies, and sponsoring events, Synerket is full of ways to colllaborate with other businesses in your industry and become the thought leadership in your industry.

smart colllaborations

Measure the impact with data.

No more slogging through spreadsheets or missing out on opportunities. Synerket keeps track of the collaborations by tracking the leads and measuring. the actual impact of the collaboration.

Synerket helped us evaluate the impact and optimize the partnership efforts. To stay as the thought leader in our vertical,  we have to keep investing in business collaborations.

Toni Sievski
Director of Strategic partnership at Zenstack

70% of my case studies are written based on the collaboration projects from Synerket.

Nora Kimm
Senior marketing editor at Bronzedesk

We were considering hiring an agency specialized in partner relationships to meet our yearly OKRs since partnership is crucial lfor our industry. I'm very happy that we decided to go for Synerket. We easily exceeded the goal.

Petra Tellpot
Head of Growth at Unicloud

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