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Start re.mind
clarify goals

We all have
goals for ourselves.

The goal may be building self esteem, changing negative thought patterns, staying more resilient under stressful conditions and many others. re.mind lets you clarify your own needs and goals.

be reminded

We all need

re.mind's daily reminder is a simple but powerful statement that is designed to help rewire your brain and achieve your goals.

manifest and make actions

A gentle nudge
can go a long way.

Empower yourself by listening to the voice recording of the daily reminder. Write down a short note for yourself affirming your goals and ambitions.

...I was overwhelmed. Stress was pressing me everyday.I started using re.mind app in desperate search of anything positive... It soon became The fresh breeze, letting me breathe and find myself back.

Shawn (29), Baltimore

When I meditate, I really like it. But it's always been hard to make it a habit. I like how this app is in a simple reminder format such that I don't have to think about setting aside a big extra chunk of time.

James (30), Sacramento

I used to doom-scroll through social media to wake myself up. With re.mind, I start the day with intention. It brings me the clarity that I always strive for.

Kathy (26), Washington

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