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An emotional wingman helping every step of the way

Mindboard can help you develop friendships and relationships. It helps you find the right words for the right time, suggests date ideas, and much more. With an extra helping hand, you can be your best self with confidence.


An assistant for impactful and genuine communication

Mindboard can effectively support you in elevating professional relationships and improving your work performance. When you can communicate clearly and professionally in the workplace, half of your job is taken care of.

"I transformed from being broken by a previous relationship to having enough confidence to ask a man out, resulting in a relationship with an amazing partner. All I needed was a small confidence boost, something that could make me feel at ease when chatting with someone new. Mindboard provided that and perhaps even more. Thank you.

Nora Kimmel

It's not easy for me to say no at work. When I try to decline, it comes off as too rough and I end up regretting it. With Mindboard, I learned to politely decline and convey my thoughts with professionalism. It truly empowered me, and I'm thrilled to have found this keyboard!

Petra Tellpot

I struggle to connect with others, especially romantically, due to my serious and direct conversation style. Texting is a nightmare. Mindboard has greatly improved my communication, making me a better date and partner.

Toni Sievski

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