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#1 AI based spine assessment

Start with why.

Using state-of-the-art machine learning and computer vision, Paincoach assesses your body and diagnoses the root cause of your pain.

Customized pain-free challenges

Science backed
pain-free challenges

Based on the diagnosis, Paincoach creates a series of targeted stretches and muscle building exercises. The app provides easy-to-follow videos and tutorials with the detailed instructions from experts, guiding you towards lasting relief.

Intelligent posture coaching

Take control of your posture now.

Whenever you need, wherever you are, Paincoach offers intelligent coaching on your posture. Experience the future of back pain management and posture coaching with our AI-driven app.

Habit tracker and reminders

Build a healthy habit
that has your back.

Keep up with the exercises and track your symptoms. Paincoach is your trusted companion for a pain-free life.

This app incorporates all the physical therapy I needed with spinal stenosis and repeated back injury. I do this every morning and now I am pain free most of the time. Building core is key to strengthening the back. I use the Strengthening the Lower Back option daily first thing in the morning.

Toni Sievski

This app is fantastic. The quality of the customized daily challenges is just incomparable. You can also customize the amount of time between exercises and the number of repetitions. It has been worth every penny and I use it daily.

Nora Kimmel

I am a fit 30 something but have had back pain since I was 17. I have to be super careful about what stretches and exercises I can do and this app has absolutely nailed it! Thank you for helping me get (and stay) as mobile, fit and pain-free as possible!

Petra Tellpot

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